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A rainbow is an amalgamation of light. It is created through a perfect combination of harmony that produces a symbol of natural beauty, promise, and enlightenment. So it is no surprise that rainbows have appeared in countless myths and stories. Rainbows have numerous meanings throughout history.

Rainbows are tied to rain or water. Water is the very essence of life on Earth and it symbolizes healing, cleansing, renewal, rebirth, and life. Water is known as being able to wash away dirt and debris, to clean what is soiled. This has also allowed rainbows to maintain the same powerful symbolism since it is a byproduct of the all-powerful water. The Chinese believe that a rainbow is a bridge that is often represented by a two-headed dragon, known as the sky dragon. The rainbow or sky dragon is a bridge that connects earth and heaven. Each of the sky dragon’s heads is placed on each end of the rainbow. This allows the dragon to act as a meditator and is able to send the thoughts, prayers, and messages between the people on earth to those in heaven. The Chinese weren’t the only culture who believed the rainbow was a bridge between worlds.

The Norse believed the rainbow was a bridge known as the Bifrost, a rainbow bridge that connected the earthly world to the world of the gods. It was often referred to as the “Tremulous Way” to Asgard. The idea that rainbows could be bridges to another world maybe due to its shape, the arch. The arch is another symbol that has been used by countless cultures for centuries to symbolize portals, gateways, and openings.

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