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There is an ancient Chinese legend about a few, strong and determined Koi fish who were awarded for showing their heart and determination. Several Koi fish began swimming up the Yellow River until they reached a large waterfall. Many of the fish looked up at the waterfall and realized it was easier to turn around and swim with the current and so they did.

However, some of the Koi Fish weren't about to give up so easily. So they began a long and treacherous swim up the waterfall. They continued to splash flinging their bodies up into the air determined to make it up the waterfall. The sounds of the splashing attracted some demons that watched and laughed at the Koi fish for trying to swim up the falls. The demons added to their own enjoyment by increasing the height of the falls.

Yet the Koi continued to press on and refused to give up! The koi continued to leap and push up the falls for one hundred years! Until finally they reached down and gave one final leap and then they realized they had made it to the top of the falls. The Gods smiled and approved of the Koi fish’s heart and determination and rewarded them by transforming them into dragons.

Those falls have become known as the Dragon’s Gate and because of the Koi fish’s determination, endurance, and perseverance they have become a powerful symbol. Throughout the Asian cultures the Koi fish is recognized as a symbol for overcoming adversity and fulfilling your destiny.

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